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New cutting optimization library CutGLib has been released!

Solve your optimization problems with our software solutions!

Optimalon Software Ltd. provides optimization solutions for production engineers, managers, software developers and all other professionals working in a resource - constrained environment. Our solution have been improving the productivity, reducing raw material waste and saving ten of thousand dollars to our clients.

Our main products are designed to solve so-called “stock cutting optimization” problem. It finds such way to cut rectangular (sheet, panels) or linear (pipes, tubes, rods, bars, etc.) material that minimizes the cut-offs and material waste.

Recently we introduced a new free online product that performs panel cutting optimization, stores user data on server and generates cutting layouts in matters of seconds. We invite you to try this product by yourself and see how much material you could save.

Optimalon Software Ltd. offers the following optimization solutions:

All our optimization software is available free on try before buy basis. Please navigate to download page to get free trial version and start testing it today.

1DCutX - Length Cutting Optimization Add-In for Excel.

1DCutX is the length cutting optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel. If finds how to cut linear (1D) stocks (bars, pipes, beams, wires, etc.) in order to minimize the material waste and the cost without leaving Microsoft Excel. It reads the spreadsheets, performs the optimization and generates the detailed report and the graphical layouts instantly within the same workbook.

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General Linear Programming Gipals32.

Optimalon Software provides the linear programming package Gipals32 that implements a widely-used general method of constrained optimization. Linear programming problems arise in various industrial, financial and educational areas and can be stated as decision making process with limited resources such as time, money, production capacity and etc.

The goal of the linear programming is to make a decision that does not violate any constrains and allows to achieve a significant improvement in an activity.

New version of linear programming software Gipals32 delivers the high performance and the accuracy using the full advantage of modern multi-core CPUs.

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Linear (1D) and Sheet (2D) Cutting Optimization Software CutGLib.

Cutting wood, glass or metal sheets involves a special case of optimization that is usually done by the computer. Optimalon Software offers the package CutGLib to accomplish any kind of sheet cutting tasks. It calculates the parts layout and generates the cutting instructions using either linear (1D) or rectangular (2D) methods.

CutGLib also allows specifying the complexity of the cuts (Simple X/Y, 2-Stage, Z and ZW-cuts), direction of the cuts (Vertical, Horizontal or Both), maximum cutting length and more other parameters.

Our cutting software provides simple and intuitive application programming interface (API) that guarantees smooth and successful integration of CutGLib into new or existing applications.

New optimization algorithm engaged by CutGLib provides the high performance and optimality at the same time. The optimization task of 200 parts gets calculated in less than a second with less than 2% of material waste.

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Free Online Panel (2D) Cut Optimizer.

Free online panel cut optimizer allows you to create, store and modify 2D cutting projects from any computer or tablet connected to Internet. You don’t need to install anything on your computer, and you can use any operating systems or web browser to access and run the cutting optimization.

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