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There are two account types: Basic and Premium. The calculation and settings options are identical for both types and there is no difference in the calculation results.

Basic type is completely free of charge and suitable for occasional projects for handymen or small workshops.

Premium account is for professionals who work with bigger projects, require import/export of Excel and AutoCAD DXF files.

This account costs $9.99 USD per month or $79.99 USD per year.

Option Basic (FREE) Premium
1 Maximum Number of Projects 10 100
2 Maximum Different Panel Sizes 20 100
3 Maximum Number of Panels per Size 1000 1000
4 Maximum Different Part Sizes 100 1000
5 Maximum Number of Part per Size 1000 1000
6 Maximum Cut Level 6 6
7 Layout Minimization Yes Yes
8 Maximum Calculation Time 10 minutes 30 minutes
9 Maximum Successful Runs per 30 days 40 Unlimited
10 Import Panels/Parts from Excel No Yes
11 Export Panels/Parts to Excel No Yes
12 Export Results to Autocad DXF No Yes
13 Create Reports in Excel No Yes
14 Print to PDF No Yes
15 Minimize Panel Rotation No Yes

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