Troubleshooting for 1DCutX

Version 7.5.0 (January 21, 2017)

If 1DCutX is not loaded please try the following:
1. Make sure you closed ALL instances of Microsoft Excel.
2. The Antivirus on the system may be blocking the Add-In load. Run latest updates for the Antivirus and re-install of 1DCutX.
If this doesn’t help, disable the Antivirus program completely and retry.
Sometimes the Antivirus software also installs additional Office add-in, you may need to disable these additionally by running through the Antivirus control panel (Settings).

To re-enable 1DCutX in Microsoft Excel 2003:

1. On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Excel.
2. Click Disabled Items. 1DCutX (Linear Cutter) add-in should appear in the list of disabled items.
3. Select the 1DCutX add-in and click Enable.

To re-enable 1DCutX in Microsoft Excel 2010-2016:

1. On the File menu, click Options.
2. On the left side, select Add-Ins.
3. On the bottom part of the main window select Manage: COM Add-Ins from the dropbox.
4. Press Go... button. The new window will pop-up.
5. Select the check box next to the disabled 1DCutX add-in and click OK.