1DCutX - Excel linear cut optimizer / nesting software

What 1DCutX does exactly:

  1. Reads the linear stocks and parts definitions (lengths and quantities) directly from the Excel spreadsheet and defines the optimization task.
  2. Runs the calculaiton and detects how many different cutting layouts required
  3. 1DCutX creates the summary spreadsheet “1D_report” that contains the quantities of used and unused stocks and parts, and statistic about each created layouts.
  4. Creates a separate spreadsheet for each layout with name “1D_n” where n denotes the index of the layout.
    These spreadsheets contain the list of used stocks, parts and detail list of cuts.
    The graphical image of the layout placed on the spreadsheets for the user’s convenience. The image displays the parts, their Ids and sizes and the offcut (if exists).
  5. Creates the matrix spreadsheet “1D_matrtix” of parts and stocks they cut from.
  6. Creates the cutting Instructions spreadsheet “1D_cutlist” that contains cut operations applied to the stock sequentially.