Material Estimation for Furniture Plans

Furniture plans usually include a material list that specifies all necessary parts for assembly. Unfortunately these plans don’t specify how many wooden boards to order for the project. If several sizes of boards are available then it becomes very hard to figure out what boards to get.

Our add-in 1DCutX for Microsoft Excel can solve this problem instantly. You just need to enter the material list from the furniture plan and length of available boards into Excel spreadsheet. 1DCutX will take care of the rest - it will find the optimal cutting plan and give you detail report along with the total price of the materials.

1DCutX also takes into account the saw kerf size and minimal cut-off length that you can cut from the boards.

A picture is worth a hundred words.

We would like you to take a look at the following video that demonstrates how 1DCutX finds sizes and quantities of oak boards required for the Big Green Egg table project:

Released on Feb 27, 2011.